Samoyed puppies for sale in Texas

The sweetest Samoyed puppies for sale in Texas and unfortunately since bringing her home have found out that my fiancé is quite allergic to her. It breaks me but we need to re-home her so he can return to functioning being a normal person. Alexia literally has not yet barked once since we brought her home 6 days ago. She whimpers when she needs something and likes to play fetch having a small ball. She’s still teething so she likes to chew on some toys that individuals got to be with her (they include her).

Samoyed puppies for sale in Texas

She sleeps from about 7pm – 6am getting up once to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night time. She’s so sweet. Likes to cuddle and loves her bed (will also include her). She is frightened still of noises because she’s so small but gets better every day.

About her:
Name: Alexia
Breed: Samoyeds
Color: White
Size: 6 lbs
Age: 12 weeks

We’re asking $400 (negotiable) because I must make certain she visits somebody that is basically going to love her and doesn’t simply want a totally free puppy. It’s not concerning the money for all of us – but I’m uncertain how else to make sure she won’t be scooped up by somebody that thinks it’s going to be fun to possess a puppy then will leave her in a pound if the novelty wears off.

She will include her food, bed, toys, and every one of the $200 accessories we’ve got gotten for her so far. I hope to make this transition as simple and smooth as possible on her behalf.

I’m very happy to forward one should you be interested with Samoyed puppies for sale in Texas. We really want to be sure she goes to a fantastic home that may love to be with her (she loves kids).

Phone 903-961-8662
Ector, Texas 75439

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