I have one female Samoyed, was 90 days old, were vaccinated and dewormed full, raising her new 10 days, because of the tight and have small children, so I wanted to find a new home for this puppy. I’m looking for serious people, which can take care of this beautiful puppy 3 months, already vaccinated and with microchip, and booklet. We are living in Mount Vernon, OHio. Availability only for seriously interested persons.

Samoyed puppies bred animals utilities are very adaptable, with a gentle disposition, loyal love to bark. Have an affectionate nature, optimistic and are particularly keen to ingratiate owner. Samoyed dogs tend to form a particularly close relationship with one person, in general accept anyone, but giving their heart of one family member. Because they are so sociable and playful, not watchdogs efficient, there can even try to befriend an intruder.

Samoyed puppies for sale in Ohio: three months, fully vaccinated, microchipped and Offers warranty and after-sales Regularly registered in canine registry

Anna Banvard
Price: $700
Location: Mount Vernon, OH 43050

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