What are all the legal formalities we have to check before buying samoyed puppies? For every Samoyed puppy purchase, we must demand a certificate of sale and, most importantly, check if all required information is recorded. This is the only document that allows you to make a claim and report the sale in case of dispute or dissatisfaction. You also need to know the guarantees offered by the seller and the remedies available to you in case of problems.

Buying a puppy: the formalities and paper

The certificate of sale must be signed by the seller and the buyer. Must be clearly indicated the dog’s name, tattoo number (it is mandatory that a dog is sold or even given tattooed), its exact race, description (color of the dress, hair, ears, tail …), date of samoyed sale, the date of delivery of the puppy, contact the seller and buyer, the price, payment method, the use we want to make the dog (hunting, company, guard …). The sales contract should be required at the time of purchase and not later sent by the seller.

Your dog’s registration papers
When buying, the seller will give you many documents; you talk about the paperwork to ask for confirmation, projection, etc. These documents are required:

– The declaration projection
You must ask the AKC and return to him with the names of the male and female reproductive each protrusion. This will get a birth certificate for the puppies, then the register of the Book of Origins – or dog licence book breeds – and get a pedigree. This is interesting, even if your dog does a scope in his life, to have puppies that can be confirmed.

– Birth registration
It is returned by the AKC when you receive the statement projection. It has two components: one is to refer to the birth, the other at the time of the tattoo or selling puppies. A birth certificate will then be issued.

– The birth certificate
Requested and returned to the AKC, it can declare the puppies to be able to then get a pedigree. Puppies are recorded provisionally. Each puppy has his birth certificate. Warning: this is not a pedigree. The dog will have to get it, be confirmed.

– The vaccination
Is given to you by the seller but is determined by the veterinarian. Are noted in this document all vaccinations performed. The dates of vaccines and those reminders are shown. The identity of the dog and that of the master are noted.

Note that your puppy should be vaccinated: the first injection of the primary vaccination should be made. This means that you must practice a second injection at your expense, one month after the first. The animal will be protected fortnight after the second injection. When you sold two months, so it is vaccinated but unprotected.

– The health certificate
Is only required for border crossings, especially air transport. It must be written by a veterinarian one week before departure. It certifies that your pet is free of contagious diseases. The veterinarian will conduct a consultation after which it will complete the certificate, which is international. Before going abroad, consider making establish a health certificate for your travel companion.

– Pedigree
There is often confusion, fueled by some sellers, between the birth certificate and pedigree. The latter is obtained following the confirmation of a dog at the age of 12 months during an exhibition. After confirmation, the dog is permanently registered and may be breeding. The pedigree includes ancestry puppy, dog tattoo number, colors(biscuit, cream, white, white & biscuit), name, kennel name and registration number.

My puppy should it be tattooed?
Yes, it is mandatory for any sale of cat or dog. If your dog escapes, you inform local veterinarians who are directly related to canine file. All tattooed animals listed therein as well as the coordinates of their master.

Where to get the documents?
• At the veterinarian:
– Anti-rabies certificate
– Certificate of good health
– Biter certificate
– Certificate of euthanasia
– Vaccination record
• Vendor Near:
– Certificate of sale
– tattoo card
– Birth certificate
• From Canine Central Company:
– Pedigree application
– Declaration projection

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