Cute purebred samoyed puppies for sale in Michigan! a dream dog looking for his dream home. The demolition, reluctantly part, lovely Samoyed. Low price, Purebred Samoyed looking for a loving family Samoyed looking for a new home. She was born on March 2015, very playful and loving, loves people and animals, suitable for seniors, child-friendly, best for families, for seniors, for dogs beginners, and compatible with cats. Puppies have pedigree and all the documents. Puppies have very good prospects for show and breeding. Marian has an angelic patience with children and can be quite a lot like the children’s hands. In turn, parents should teach their child, of course logical that Marian is not a toy and she needs his rest periods, in which she does not want to be disturbed when she fully accepts sleep a cap. The first vaccination and neutering is included. A preliminary visit in his new home will be held mandatory and after adoption.

Variety: Samoyed ( female )
Age: 8 months
Origin: purebred

Contact Seller
Kristy R. Charles
140 John Avenue
East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone 517-925-3xx

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If you now feel that Marian may be your dream dog, then I am very pleased to receive your message. If you are interested and for more information, We are also waiting for letters and phone calls.

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