A balanced diet and best dog food for Samoyed are essential, feeding this puppy in the first few days should not differ from the regime established by the breeder, so it will be easier to get used to a new home, in addition, professionals usually select the most appropriate for your dog’s diet. Samoyeds are among the fast-growing breeds, the basis of the power of this dog is meat, but care must be taken that the diet was varied. You can make beef, lamb, poultry, but in any case not pork it is too greasy, easily absorbed, in addition, the puppy may be infected with parasites. Meat previously scalded with boiling water, you can give in fully cooked. At the same time, cut into pieces, stuffing is not recommended to give.

During the first months, Samoyed dogs need good nutrition to grow and develop properly, you should start giving food puppy mixed with water, and little by little, lowering the amount of water to give best dry dog food for samoyed. Small breeds should eat 5 times a day, large four because they have slower growth and development. Try to create a pattern of giving food meals always at the same times. This is very important to establish a routine in the dog. Remember that the cans are animals that need follow rules and the first six months are best suited to start set the tone, both fed and training. From four to 6 months, you should go to give your dog three meals a day. Most of the races, at 4 months are in the middle of development, weighed half of what weighed adult, and therefore must cut a meal. After 6 months, your dog starts to be adult and must give two meals. It is very important to know how often to feed your dog to grow up healthy and strong. After 8 months of age, you can continue with the two meals or lose one, it depends on whether you prefer to ration food or give it in one sitting. As the amount of dog, food you should give per serving will depend, above all, the size and weight of your dog. In general, dogs should eat 2 or 3% of its total weight; however, there are some general guidelines that can help you determine the ideal amount for your dog food. As for large breeds, the general recommended amounts are as follows: up to 4 months, between 210 and 480 g from 4 to 6 months, between 365 and 590 g from 6 to 8 months, between 390 and 520 g from 8 months, between 340 and 445 g you see, as the dog gets older the amount decreases because your body changes and does not require as much food. Like those of their food, these are just recommendations, you are the one that best meets your puppy, and not because you have to follow if you see that, your puppy is still hungry, or is too much food for Samoyed.

How much food to give Samoyed puppies?

The amount you must give varies greatly, according to their weight, size, age, and physical activity, so it is advisable to consult your veterinarian, although there are some recommendations for large breeds such as:

  • Until 4 months, between 210 and 480 g
  • 4 to 6 months, between 365 and 590 g
  • 6 to 8 months, between 390 and 520 g
  • 8 months, between 340 and 445 g

What dog should not eat?

– Raw pork and chicken
– Spicy foods
– sweetened foods
– Chocolate and ice cream :-)
– Bones (risk of injury from bone fragments)

Natural dog food

Majority of veterinarians in the part relating to natural feeding. Recommended for use in the diet food:

Beef (for very young puppies, rump, stock parts, region, lungs, heart, liver, rarely) – chicken (breast, heart, ventricles peeled) – turkey (for a change) – fish (can be raw, low-fat, not skinny, not a river, and ocean or see, e.g., sole fillets) – rice porridge + buckwheat (in a ratio of 2 to 1, tenderize, can be in a broth) – dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese low-fat varieties (without fruit and sugar and not more than 5-9% -s fat), yogurt, fermented baked milk. Using these homemade products – careful “off” control, can be very long and weak. – Goat’s milk and cheese!

Vegetables and fruits are the other best dog food for samoyed puppies: – vegetables and greens (cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.) – fruits (apples, pears, bananas, berries, eat, even oranges and tangerines! Etc.) Note: the vegetables and fruit yield over menu cautiously to one new product per day, tracking responses to newly introduced to prevent allergies. Sample menu for the day, 3-4 months (4 day feeding): cottage cheese 100g + 100 grams of yogurt / sour milk 100 grams of cereals (buckwheat rice +) + scalded with boiling water, 200 grams of minced meat / meat pieces 200 grams of cereals (buckwheat rice +) + 100 grams of cooked chicken 100 grams of cereals (buckwheat rice +) + scalded with boiling water 100 grams of beef, cut into pieces note: after 3 months, the number of feedings may be reduced to three per day, and increase the single dose of 300-400 grams Treats for training: – boiled liver or lungs (beef), cut into small pieces of 1×1 cm and slightly dried in the oven until the state of crackers – boiled chicken hearts, finely chopped – slices of cheese (if anything at all is not responding, but then may be temporary catastrophic changes in the stool) – sheep’s stomachs, finished product sold in all pet stores.

Raw meat – we recommend scald with boiling water before drinking or cooking in a small amount of water, boil for 5-10 minutes, in any case, required heat treatment, or heat, or cold, deep freezing. Leaver give only boiled form – porridge can be cooked on a low-fat, meat broth – a bowl of water should always be available for the dog.- feeding should take place after the festivities, after about 15-20 minutes – the schedule of feeding should take place in one and the same routine every day – fish fillets, frozen given approximately once a month 1-2-3 (pull out from the refrigerator and let stand for 10-20 minutes at room temperature) serving 300-400 grams, instead of one of feedings – with active natural feeding and active life of the dog, do not forget the active feeding of vitamins and minerals.- bones of pressed lived only from the age of 5-6 months, if you want to give something to chew before – extruded strands, only white (softer bones with knots at the ends) – dairy products in the diet of dogs for life, no matter what to eat dog food or dry natural food – if your dog started to eat feces, land, and other nastiest do not worry, buy brown scar, and let in a little boiled form (if cope with the process of boiling j) but it is possible and cheese, tripe if you chopped or minced – 1-2 times a week, 200-300 grams, instead of one of the feedings, included in the diet for a month or two, is very helpful.

Note: natural feeding is recommended by veterinarians for a period of growing puppy to 6-9 months, after which you can make a choice, either in favor of further natural feeding, or in favor of a permanent feeding dry food, because until that time you can already see how successful and complete is for your puppy current menu comment by yourself personally, we are in a kennel puppies grow on dry food, and we believe that Samoyed natural food, unfortunately, is not as effective, it showed our practice and our experience in helping to grow our puppies to their respective owners.

Let me explain – in nature, Samoyed diet consisted of only three components: raw fish, moss / roots / herbs, and in very rare cases of meat on holidays. Water without restrictions, in the form of lakes, rivers, swamps, and puddles. The closest to a natural for dogs, natural food, which we encountered in their practice, is – barf (bones and raw food diet or biologically appropriate raw food diet), details about it you can read on the internet, there are a lot of materials and articles, it has its obvious pros and cons of course great, in my opinion. However, if you believe that you are Samoyed worthy only natural and most natural food, I recommend paying attention to this practice. We believe that the minimum and balanced is a good dry food super premium class.

Dry dog food

The list of recommended us dry food : – eukanuba (lamb with rice for medium dogs) – eagle pack holistic – gold holistic – bosch dry dog food in particular for growing puppies with 3 weeks of age, and up to 3 months, terrific food containing even a mother’s milk. Bosch junior medium – food that we recommend the use of a 3 months old and up to 12-13 months for a full growing. Bosch junior lamb & rice – food that we recommend using for puppies with signs of hypersensitivity to food and other allergic manifestations bosch adult lamb & rice and bosch active – complete diet for adult dogs bosch sensitive lamb & rice – complete diet for dogs prone to allergic reactions , do not forget when you order food to refer to us !!! There are discounts! For the most part, they are also suitable for different age groups Samoyeds. Remember – dry food, is not a panacea, and it should be enough to pick up the dog alone.

There are instances when grown puppies in the same litter cannot eat the same dry food, one doing well, the second does not digest. At the same time keep in mind that one producer of feed, different types of food quality may vary and assimilation and individual tolerance. Do not drop the manufacturer immediately tried only one type of food offered to them, consult with a representative of the company that seller feed before taking the decision to switch to a different brand of food. This will be necessary if a health food or dietary, it is also 100% of cases – specific dry foods sold veterinary pharmacy. Such a transition is carried out, even if you are up to this point were fed natural food you were all right, but only to the destination of your attending veterinarian. Note: First, pack dry food weight in a 15 kg adult Samoyed enough, about 1.5-2 months the main mistake of feeding the dogs, which allow owners, is overfeeding. Even if the recommended components are maintained, but the scope of their overweight, it is also harmful. It should follow a simple rule that works in most cases – if after eating dog food or cat has left some of its number in the bowl, it means that the animal is already overfed. Note: immediately after feeding (even if the dog is not eaten all until the end or even refused to take food) removes the bowl so that it is out of reach for the dog. This will allow the dog to appreciate food and it will cease to be capricious.

Recommended sample menu when feeding dry food for adult dogs: early morning – quark (Low fat) + kefir (fermented baked milk, yogurt), in a ratio of 1 to 1 vitamins and minerals! Morning / day – dry food (by weight) approximately 60% of the daily value evening – dry food (by weight) approximately 40% of the daily value about mandatory 2nd item on the menu : manufacturers of dry food in its advertising and on packages with food, say that dry food is a complete diet containing all the essential vitamins and minerals for our dogs, in addition to binding proteins and fats, and it is true, but only partly :) the package of dry food does contain all of the substances in it, but the question is, in what form are they found? I will tell you, all useful for a dog, additional substances are contained in the form of “dusting” which covered the top of dry food pellets, and of course, all that dusting the package is, but at the bottom of it in the form of crumbs and dust, except in very “wet” food. As a result of this oversight, your dog, if you rely only on the words of the manufacturer of dry food in their diets will receive less catastrophic amounts of vitamins and minerals it needs for proper growth and formation of bone.

Therefore, additional vitamin and mineral supplements during rearing a puppy Samoyed – obligatory. If your dog is not accustomed to the food and refused to eat it, then initially we recommend you to mix dry food with the usual food for the dog. Gradually do make food in the following proportions: 1/5 bowl – feed 4/5 – familiar to the dog food 2/5 bowl – feed 3/5 – familiar to the dog food 3/5 bowl – feed 2/5 – familiar to the dog food 4/5 bowl – feed 1/5 – familiar to the dog food and, finally, full bowl of dry food steps should be changed gradually, keeping every two or three days. This will allow the dog to get used to the food faster. Much of the health problems associated with eating disorders and diet. The dog should not be given food with human table because it contains salt and spices. Dry food should be chosen only premium. Cheap food from the supermarket led to a variety of diseases and reduces the life of the animal. Unacceptable sweets smoked and salted products.

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